Gear Differential Set (For Tamiya TB-03)

MSRP  $30.30

The Gear Diff. made by light weight plastic housing, nylon gear and longlife diff. joints. This is longlife and no need to repair often which provides and enlarges the car much powerful. Most important It keeps unchanged during the race.

Built-Up Tips

  • Assemble the entire Differential unit

  • Rotate the Differential from each side to make sure the internal gears operate smoothly

  • Diff feels coarse when the internal gears are too tight. Open the Diff and use fine sand paper to sand the flat side of the large internal gears, re-assemble and test again. Fill the Diff with diff lube when Diff feels smooth.

  • Diff feels very loose when the internal gears are loosely meshed, add a 0.1mm shim on the bottom of the larger internal gear, re-assemble and test again. If the diff operation is still loose add another 0.1mm shim to the bottom of the opposite large internal gear. Diff should feel moderately smooth but not too loose or too tight. Fill the Diff with diff lube when ready.

  • Fill the Diff to about 1/2 of 2/3 full. Do not over or under fill the Diff.
  • Patent No. 1002369.5

  • Quantity: 1 set

    Click here to download the User Manual (1 MB)

    • Model: SPR009-TB
    • Shipping Weight: 50 grams
    • Manufactured by: Spec-R

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